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Stock number: 300046

Hitachi - CW30HG

Stock number: 777005899

Hitachi - CW40

Stock number: 777005688

Hitachi - CW55

Stock number: 777002176

Hitachi - EX355

Stock number: 777003751

Hitachi - EX355

Stock number: 777003198

Hitachi - EX800

Stock number: 777004701

Hitachi - FH450LCH-3

Stock number: 777003752

Hitachi - Unknown

Stock number: 777006573

Hitachi - Unknown

Stock number: 777006572

Hitachi - ZX210-3

Stock number: 777004585

Hitachi - ZX520LCH-5B

Stock number: 777004198

Hitachi - ZX650LCH

Stock number: 777003816

Hitachi - ZX870H-3

Stock number: 777003392

Hitachi - EX100

Stock number: 300422

Hitachi - EX100-5

Stock number: 300658

Hitachi - EX100-5

Stock number: 300660

Hitachi - EX1100

Stock number: 300426


Whether you're looking for a crane boom, crane hook block, jib boom, spreader bar or anything in between, van der Veldt offers a full range of attachments to accommodate your exact needs. Browse attachments from top manufacturers such as Hitachi, Caterpillar, Liebherr and others. Maybe its your crane and not just the attachment? Be sure to check out our current crane inventory; and see how easily you can sell your current crane without even moving it.

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