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Our "Veldt-team" is a motivated group of guys and girls who operate like a well oiled machine together! We operate on a flexible base and are willing to jump on every challenge! Like dismantling several EX1800's on locations in Europe. So if you need parts, do give us a call!


We have a very motivated sales team at our hand. Each one of them is eager to get the right parts or machines to our customers, so they can start using their equipment fast again. The strength of this team is not to make a quick deal, but guiding you through the complete process from the first mail or phone call until the after sales. We will do everything in our power to keep our customers satisfied.

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In our workshop we repair, modify and maintain machines before we decide to make them available to sell. This group of dedicated mechanics are experts in all kind of brands. Next to this we also work with external experts who are specialized in specific brands, models or parts.

Paint shop

The paint shop comes in handy when you buy a machine of us and want it to be painted in your company colors. Off course, we also offer the possibility to paint the machines and/or parts in the original factory colors. The guys of our paint shop are very accurate to be sure that any rust and dirt is complete removed before it gets painted.


The warehouse team has many tasks. They take care of the inbound, outbound, inspection, and entering new products in our system. They daily enter all the details of every part what comes in like dimensions, weight, pictures and so on. Because of their accuracy you are able to find all the details of the parts and machines on our website.


On a regular base we get machines in to be dismantled. The guys of this department are very accurate and label all the parts taken from those machines. After checking and cleaning those parts they are sent to our warehouse where they will be processed further into our system.

Cleaning area

The guys in this department are cleaning every machine that comes in. Even the machines that are going to be dismantled. We have this step before we go any further with the machines. In this way every step after this can be done on a clean machine without dirt, grease or oil on it.


The large terrain can hold many machines and parts. It contains special sections with buckets, booms and sticks, excavator teeth, cabins, rollers and body parts and much, much more.

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