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What's Included in a Long Block? What is in a long block can vary. The minimum parts installed in a long block package would be the block, crankshaft, rods, pistons, heads, and usually the camshaft and valvetrain. So, everything in the short block plus at least heads and usually the valvetrain including the timing chain. Sometimes you get a timing cover, valve covers, balancer/damper, and oil pan, but oftentimes not. This is a great option for someone who knows engines but has little to no experience building one. With a long block, all the hard work is done and the buyer only has to be concerned with choosing the right accessories and getting the engine installed in their machine. Ask our sales team what's included in the long block that you picked.

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Case - 106835A2R

Stock number: 777009365

Case - 1928260C92

Stock number: 777009366

FPT - 6T830

Stock number: 777006599

New Holland - 87802138BR

Stock number: 777009362

New Holland - 9673707DS

Stock number: 777009421

New Holland - 9673708DS

Stock number: 777009422

New Holland - 9673709DS

Stock number: 777009361

New Holland - 9673716DS

Stock number: 777009364

New Holland - 9673732DS

Stock number: 777009363

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