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Length retracted (H-H pinhole)

Diameter rod

Diameter pinhole housingside

Diameter pinhole rodside

Head width housing side

Head width rod side

Joint bearing

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Caterpillar - 5J1446

Stock number: 777006839

Caterpillar - 9M1328

Stock number: 777006834

Caterpillar - GE90 HO-2RS

Stock number: 777007191

Cnh - 87000055

Stock number: 777006621

Elges - GE100 DO-2RS

Stock number: 777007196

Elges - GE140 FO-2RS

Stock number: 777007192

Elges - GE50 DO-2RS

Stock number: 777007201

Elges - GE50 FO-2RS

Stock number: 777007202

Elges - GE60 HO-2RS

Stock number: 777007203

Elges - GE80 DO-2RS

Stock number: 777007198

Elges - GE80 DO-HCN

Stock number: 777008571

IKO - SB11017093

Stock number: 777007204

O&K - BLRB365623

Stock number: 777007194

O&K - GE100-LO

Stock number: 777007190

O&K - RBC B729L

Stock number: 777007197

SKF - GE120 ES-2RS

Stock number: 777007195

SKF - GE140 ES

Stock number: 777007193


Stock number: 777007199

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